The exhibition

The exhibition at the Norwegian Sea Bird Center focuses on the dramatic decline in the population of many seabird species. birds are a good indicator of the state of the sea, and although the causes of population decline are complex, there is little doubt that food shortages caused by overfishing, high bycatch of seabirds in fishing gear and pollution of various kinds are negative for the stock.

Widespread knowledge of sea-birds and their habitat is the first step to save the environment for birds and people.

"The exhibition shows through teen interactive stations that the fate of man is tied together with the fate of the seabirds along the coast of Norway. In short; The fact that our birds, our old way of life and our climate are threatened are intertwined, and they all result from our globalized way of life." (from Gagarin.)

Greylag Goose are increasing along the Norwegian coast. Breeding at Værlandet both by the sea and in small lakes.